Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy First Anniversary Catholic Media Review

Here is the article which started it all.
It's the reason why last year i just HAD to start this blog; to create reliably Catholic film reviews.
Now, one year later the reviewers at the USCCB Office for Film and Broadcasting have given thumbs up to another pro-homosexual movie, "Milk". Either the USCCB is deaf to the complaints of the faithful laypeople and outspoken bishops like Archbishops Chaput and Burke (see Life Site News article) or they agree with their views, which are out of step with Catholic teaching.
Whichever it is, Catholic Media Review more often than not, beats the USCCB Office in Google searches where 'Catholic review ' is added to the film's title, even though we aren't on the USCCB's payroll, we are certainly performing a service to the Catholic community.
Several of our reviews have been re-posted on secular media outlets like IMBD, Reuters,
USA Today, The Chicago Sun-Times. We have been asked to post our reviews on Catholic Online, Catholic Exchange, and; three of Catholicism's top websites. A blurb from my review of Kent Gilges' book, "A Grace Given" was listed on the back cover, between that of George Weigel and Donald Wildmon of the American Family Asociation. Comments from Jeff Miller and I were used on Ascension Press' advertisements of the book "Heaven's Song; Sexual Love as it was Meant to Be" by Christopher West, surrounding the remarks of Archbishop Chaput. We are profoundly humbled by our remarks having such auspcious company.
I have been sent numerous books, DVDs, film clips, screening invitations, and press junket invitations to obtain our reviews on upcoming productions. I have a stack of good Catholic books on my nightstand thanks to word getting out that we do high-quality, reliably Catholic media reviews.
This photograph of the church in front of the Hollywood sign was taken by Wiliam Moseley who portrays Peter Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia; Prince Caspian during an interview I did last December (I will be publishing it shortly). We remarked on this extraordinary view from the hotel room we were in. Peter, an engaging young man, whom I like immediately, had been explaining how he was taking a photography course, so I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking the photo. He was gracious enough to be flattered when I told him I was going to use it for this blog.
Catholic Media Review is becoming one of the respected voices in the new media, by both Catholic and secular media.
Please God, may we accept this success and any further honors with humility, and never forget Whom we serve; our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, His Immaculate Mother and Holy Mother Church. And our readers, who count on us to tell the truth with flair and clarity.
If we do forget, will you, our readers, promise to take us down a peg?

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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

That is some awesome perspective! I promise to always tell you the truth.