Monday, August 4, 2008

A Word from the founder of Illuminati Pictures

I'm Molotov Mitchell, an award-winning film director with Illuminati Pictures, and I'm currently producing ads for the general election. In recent months, we've made national headlines, reached millions through television and the internet with our conservative Christian projects and just a few days ago, we released a powerful new piece about Obama's support for "born alive abortions". According to several prominent political figures, if enough Americans see this piece, it could significantly damage Barack Obama's support base. In this rare situation, pro-lifers and pro-choicers agree that "born alive abortion" is a form of murder. If enough people see this ad, Obama's support for it will appall most voters, both liberal and conservative, and hopefully cause many to withdraw their support (as many have from our other videos).
Please help us get the word out.
Here's the link:
Thanks for your time and remember,
"Illuminati Loves You!"
Molotov Mitchell,
President Illuminati Pictures, LLC


Anonymous said...

The site was produced by Spyder Web Developers (SWD). SWD has a single static page, and I could find no other SWD customers. SWD is registered to Ric Swiner. Swiner has a profile on LinkedIn showing a history of anchor/account executive jobs with Sinclair Broadcast Group. (Google Sinclair and see how fair and balanced they are) Given the number of anti-Obama pieces, and the SWD connection, it wouldn't surprise me if Sinclair Broadcast Group up to their old tricks.

Anonymous said...

you are misguided and creating harmful movies.