Thursday, August 14, 2008

Decent films about the disabled

In the heat of the blogosphere battle over the treatment of the mentally disabled in the new film "Tropic Thunder" the most common accusation hurled at those of those us who object is "this other film depicts such individuals, why didn't you complain about that?"
Here is a post in which I describe my favorite films which feature individuals with disabilities. What's the difference between them and "Tropic Thunder"? In each of these, disabled individuals are treated with dignity and their gifts, often in their personality and character, are allowed to shine. No one is stereotyped, or dismissed because of their appearance or score on an IQ test. And yes, some of them, particularly "The Ringer" are really funny. You see, DreamWorks, we understand a joke. We also know an excuse when we see one. As commenter Elisabeth's Mom said... Who are they fooling, right? I can't believe they think we're gonna fall for the "satire of industry standard."
Haven't we had enough marginalizing the mentally disabled in this country? To learn more about the sad history of how disabled individuals were treated in US history, read my article at Catholic Exchange.

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