Sunday, June 1, 2008

Made of Honor - PG13

I saw Made of Honor today, and there is both good and bad to report.

Tom and Hannah have been best friends for years. He dates many women, but is non-committal and hangs out with Hannah all the time. While on business in Scotland, Hannah meets Colin, who she decides to marry. She asks Tom to be her maid of honor. Tom begins to realize he has feelings for Hannah and he and his buddies spend most of the film plotting how he can win her over (since that is in most of the reviews, and takes most of the picture, I didn't consider that spoiling anything for anyone).
Despite the warnings in the next section, I spent most of the film laughing and enjoyed it quite a bit. However, I would suggest considering carefully whether kids should see it. I don't want to make it sound worse than it is, I'm just trying to inform you so you are not surprised by any scenes.

Content warnings:
  • Tom sleeps around quite a bit and treats sex very casually.
  • There is one scene where a saleswoman is selling and describing sex toys.
  • After playing basketball with Colin, Tom and his friends are impressed, in the shower, by how "gifted" he is.
  • When Tom's father (who is wealthy) is getting married, he is negotiating a pre-nup on the way to the wedding with his bride (#6), who looks more like a high-priced call girl in her very skimpy 'wedding gown'.
  • In a conversation with Tom, his father uses a very crude, offensive, word several times.
Again, I did enjoy the movie and spent much of it laughing. I won't spoil the ending, but it is a happy one :).

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Anonymous said...

My friend and I saw "Made of Honor" and were quite disappointed by it. We had thought the title implied he was a man who behaved in an honorable manner, but were sadly mistaken. The main character's casual approach to women and sex was sad to see. The movie reminded me of a flip flop of "My Best Friend's Wedding" (with differences, such as his basketball buddies replace the gay friend of that movie.)
While there were a number of laughable moments, we felt the "happy ending" was so contrived and ridiculous that the movie as a whole was a let-down. Nothing honorable about this movie.