Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Happening - R

What a disappointment "The Happening" was.

The acting and the dialogue were both lame. I kept hoping the plot would pick up and get better, but it didn't. The characters were all so caricature-like, that at first that I thought maybe it was supposed to be a comedy-drama.
The "Happening" was something, originally believed to be a chemical attack of some type, that caused people to kill themselves. They never do tell us what the "Happening" was, but in the end it is insinuated that the grass and the trees are threatened by mankind. (I guess they had to slip a global warming reference in there somewhere :)

As far as content warning, there is no sexual content and no overtly offensive language. The main warning is some "gore" scenes where people kill themselves.

Don't waste your money on The Happening....It's NOT happening!

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