Thursday, October 3, 2013

Book Review: "Saint" by Lino Rulli

I enjoy Lino on his show "The Catholic Guy", so I admit I had certain expectations for his new book "Saint". It is humorous, but I wouldn't call it a comedy, because Lino uses a tongue-in-cheek approach while making a  true, valid point, that we can all be saints,  and in fact we are called to be saints, despite being sinners.  

Another technique Lino uses regularly is self-depreciating humor.

  A favorite quote that sums up  his message:

  " I can't help but wonder if public declarations of my sinfulness - especially those cried out within a stone's throw of the Congregation for the Cause of Saints - aren't hurting my cause for canonization.  I hope to undo the damage with this book.  In it, I'm making a formal pitch that people stop seeing me solely as a sinner, but also as a saint"  

My expectations were not only met, but exceeded.  Don't miss this opportunity for an enjoyable and entertaining reading experience!


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