Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Book Review: "Violet Dawn" by Brandilyn Collins

In the small town of Kanner Lake, shy and reclusive Paige Williams finds a dead body.  That becomes the focal point of the story, which revolves around the search for a missing person.  The person is considered missing rather than deceased, because Paige is so distrusting of the police that she conceals the crime. 

To be honest, the first half of the story moved much too slow for my liking, but things really pick up as we find out more about Paige's past, and  the reason why she found the body to begin with.  The conclusion is very attention-grabbing, especially as two characters find their lives threatened.

Character development is the best aspect of "Violet Dawn".  I really enjoyed the characters, especially Vince Edwards the police chief, Bailey Truitt who owns the local coffee shop, and reporter Leslie Brymes. 

There is a very subtle Christian theme throughout.
If you are looking for a good mystery without the objectionable content that is so prevalent in today's media, Ms. Collins is an author you should follow.

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~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Christine, thank you for your review. I appreciate the recommendation for my books.