Monday, December 31, 2007

National Treasure: Book of Secrets - PG

USA Network just showed the original National Treasure' from 2004, which worked out well for me, since I had not seen the original. I really enjoyed this movie. I was afraid it might be just an imitation of 'Indiana Jones', but it was very entertaining. In this adventure, one of Ben Gates' (Cage's character) ancestors is named as one of the Lincoln conspirators, and he sets out to clear his name. There was plenty of action, and a few comedic moments. It also proves they can make movies without using the F word every 5 minutes. Excellent movie...I highly won't be disappointed.


love2learnmom said...

Just so you know, though we enjoyed the first National Treasure very much, there are some quite significant Catholic-related issues that should discussed with your children.

The first is that the Freemasons, an organization that Catholics are strictly forbidden to join, play a central role in the film. Fortunately, the plot doesn't seem particularly agenda-driven in that regard.

We were also quite frustrated to find Charles Carroll, the one Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence made out to be a Freemason. Likely this was simply a plot device because he was the last Signer to die. Our family got a lot out of discussing these points and my oldest daughter went on to read a biography of Charles Carroll.

I believe there are other historical errors too, in areas I'm not that well-acquainted with.

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Caroline said...

My whole family went to see this sequel after having read many reviews that it was not nearly as good as the first. We disagree! It was equally as good as the first and they are both awesome! Although Cage is the ugliest hero and he and his girlfriend live together...It is still a great movie for kids and they don't really emphasize the bad stuff. It is fantastic how they have a good movie that people of all ages will enjoy and they don't put anything sexy or bad into it. I mean even the bad guy isn't bad!)